The History of Fremont, NY

The history of Fremont, NY can be traced back to the year
1851. The town came to existence on November 1 that year. It was created
through a resolution that was made by the Board of Supervisors from Sullivan
County. The town came about as a result of the division of the Callicoon town.
The west half is now the present day Fremont.

The town of Callicoon was a part of the town of Liberty
before it was created in 1842. John Hankins, who is a resident of Fremont, has
been revealed to engage in the town matters of Liberty town back then. Also
when Callicoon held its first meeting, Hankins was there. He was elected for
the position of justice of the peace. He later became the second supervisor of
the town.

Smith’s family story fixes the history of Fremont, NY. They
owned a farm currently owned by Anthony Schick of Obernburg. Grandmother Smith
was often relating that they had lived in three different towns within a span
of 10 years without having to leave their home. They stayed at Liberty before
1842, when Callicoon was formed their home was found to be in the partition so
they now lived in Callicoon. Again when the town was divided they now lived in
Fremont in 1851, all this without vacating to a new house.

The town was named in the honor of General John C. Fremont.
He was among the few men who had helped organize the new town and was admired
by many. Fremont, NY became the eleventh municipality. Lands in the township
were the last to be rendered for settlement.

There were no roads in the town at that time. Delaware River
is what made the town accessible. There was a trading post situated at Equinunk
from 1750 and there were timber rafts from upstream all the way from Rockland
reached the Fremont shores before 1800.

Isaac Simons is recognized as the first settler in 1780 and
settled at the Hankins. In 1834, John Hankins and Appley purchased that land
from Elizabeth Pierce and they relocated there in 1835. They found a sawmill, a
land, and a farmhouse so from this it was deduced that the earlier settlers had
left the land and went to look for other places they could live.

There were two other parts of the town that were
independently settled. One was at the Basket and the other was at Long Pond
which is currently Tennanah. Quinlan says that Zechariah Ferdon settled at the
Round Pond in the year 1824. The land was initially bought by Misner together
with his brother in 1811 from Herman Hardenburg.

Settlers at Long Pond came into Fremont through the township
of Rockland. Contact with the other parts of the world was only via that route.
A road was built in 1833 from Liberty to Delaware River hence opening up the
northern part.

The tannery business was commissioned in 1849 and was
started by Charles W Miles and Carlos P. Holcomb. They built a tannery where
Mileses is now situated.

The successful history of Fremont, NY can be attributed to
prominent names that established the town such as John Beck, Joseph F. Yendes,
Levy Harding among others.

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