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    The History of Fremont, NY

    The history of Fremont, NY can be traced back to the year 1851. The town came to existence on November 1 that year. It was created through a resolution that was made by the Board of Supervisors from Sullivan County. The town came about as a result of the division of the Callicoon town. The west half is now the present day Fremont. The town of Callicoon was a part of the town of Liberty before it was created in 1842. John Hankins, who is a resident of Fremont, has been revealed to engage in the town matters of Liberty town back then. Also when Callicoon held its first meeting,…

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    Parents of Fremont – Do Bounce Houses Live Up to the Hype?

    Depending on your age, you might remember viewing bounce houses/bouncy castles as being the pinnacle of fun. After all, what’s not to love about a colorful, blow-up space to bounce around in? As a matter of fact, there were lots of elements that we, as children, didn’t perceive until we actually experienced the fabled bounce house. Looking back, did bounce houses really live up to the hype? Below are some factors we should not overlook when thinking back on the bouncy castle dream: Crowds Firstly, there were always too many kids inside! The first step to getting in the bounce house was to wait in a huge line up to…

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